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Student Guide

Student Guide

  • Students cannot participate in this program as both mentors and students. If this is discovered during the program, the committee will cancel their eligibility for participation, mentor bonus, and student bonus.
  • Before participating in this program, please carefully read the Student Participation Agreement, and the formal application for the project indicates agreement to all the contents of this agreement.
  • After completing the project, students need to download, sign, and upload a scanned copy of the signed Student Participation Agreement in the system, and also provide their bank account information.
  • Please take your choices seriously and stick to them.

1. What is Open Source Promotion Plan?

2. What can you achieve?

  • Connect with open source peers and tech experts.
  • Receive professional guidance from community mentors, and have in-depth discussions with open source developers.
  • Enhance project experience, and improve development skills.
  • Gain insights for learning direction and build professional networks for career development.
  • Earn bonus and certificate: Students who pass the final evaluation will have the opportunity to receive an outstanding student certificate.

3. Student Eligibility

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.
  • Students who are about to graduate in the summer can still apply for the program as long as their student ID is valid at the time of application.
  • International students should provide their Passport and Admission Letter/Student ID Card/Certificate of Enrollment etc., to prove their student status.

4. Participation Process

(1)Carefully read and understand this participation guide.

(2)Familiarize yourself with the process.

No. Date Issue Remarks
1 03/11-03/31 Community Registration and Review The community can sign up and fill in community information in OSPP system. Approved communities will be posted on the official website. Deadline: 03/31 18:00 UTC+8
2 04/01 Community List Announced
3 04/04-04/27 Project Submission Refer to the participation processes. Deadline: 04/27 18:00 UTC+8
4 04/04-04/29 Committee Review Approved projects will be posted on the official website. Deadline for mentor identity verification: 04/28 24:00 UTC+8.
5 04/29 Project Announced
6 04/30-06/04 Student Registration, Communication and Project Application Submission Deadline for student registration: 06/03 15:00 UTC+8. Deadline for project application: 06/04 18:00 UTC+8.
7 06/05-06/25 Project Application Review 06/05-06/11 Mentor Review 06/12-06/18 Community Review and Submit Community Cooperation Agreement 06/19-06/25 Committee Review and Sign Community Cooperation Agreement *The quality of the project application is the main criterion for evaluating whether the student's application is approved.
8 06/26 Accepted Student Projects Announced Students can check the application results on the official website and management system.
9 06/26-06/30 Community Bonding The accepted students can further communicate with the community and mentor about the project and warm up for project development.
10 07/01-09/30 Coding and Development Deadline for project report and PR/MR links submission:09/30 24:00 UTC+8
11 10/01-10/31 Evaluations – Mentor Final Term Review and PR/MR Merge In the meantime, student developers can still refine their PR/MR until they are merged.
12 11/01-11/08 Evaluations – Committee Final Term Review
13 11/09 Results Announced Students can view the final results on the official website and management system and then fill in the bank information in the management system.
14 November Outstanding Students Selection Recommended by mentors and communities.

(3)Participation Process

*All processes will be operated in the OSPP system. The default time zone is UTC+8.

1. Project Communication


  • Students can register and log in to the system through the student login portal on the official website, and fill in their personal information according to the requirements. Once the information is approved by the committee, the registration will be considered successful.
  • Previous participants can log in with their existing account to update their information and apply.
  • The git email submitted by the student in the community repository must be the email used for registration.
  • Students cannot participate in this program as both mentors and students. If this is discovered during the program, the committee will cancel their eligibility for participation, mentor bonus, and student bonus.


  • Students can view the Project List on the official website.
  • Students can submit applications for up to three projects but can only take on one project in the end.
  • Each project can only be undertaken by one student.


  • The official website's project descriptions include project mentors' names and contact emails. Students can communicate with mentors via email, which is the basic way to participate in community activities.
  • Students should pay attention to basic etiquette when communicating with mentors. Mentors provide guidance and advice to the best of their abilities, but the application, design, and development of the project should be completed by the students themselves.
  • This is the time to understand the project details and to become familiar with the community operation and etiquette.

2. Project Application


  • Please carefully read the Project Application Suggestions.
  • Prepare relevant materials based on the project requirements and refer to the Project Application Template.
  • The quality of the project application is the primary criterion for the committee to evaluate whether the student's application is approved or not.
  • This is the time to understand the project details and to become familiar with the community operation and etiquette.


  • Submit the application materials through the system.
  • Students can submit applications for up to three projects but can only take on one project in the end.
  • When submitting the application, students need to prioritize the selection order of all the projects they have applied for. If a student is selected for multiple projects simultaneously, the project with a higher priority will be given preference.

3. Accepted student projects announced

  • Students can view the project application results on the official website and the system.

4. Communicating and Bonding

  • Accepted students can further communicate with the community and mentors to clarify project requirements, development plans, and timelines, preparing for the project development.

5. Project Development and Project Report Submission

  • The repository shown in the project description is the code repository to be used during the project development.
  • Students should submit PR/MR to the project repository before the end of the project development (September 30th, UTC+8), provide the PR/MR link, and upload the project report in the system. Please refer to the Project Report Template for specific format and details.
  • There is a one-month period for the project PR/MR merge (October 1st - October 30th, UTC+8 ). The submitted PR/MR should be merged during this period.
  • Students should independently complete the project development and not have their PR/MR submitted or modified by the mentor or any other individuals. The mentor's role is to guide the student in planning the project, provide relevant recommended documentation links, guide the student on community participation, and provide directional suggestions for improving the implementation approach.

Project Report

The project report should include the following:

  • The Accomplished Work: describe your work according to the original plan. It should correspond to the project application.
  • Problem and Solution: focus on describing the summary and experience.
  • Test Cases: Present the corresponding test validation results.
  • Subsequent Work Arrangement: demonstrate the progress and whether you need to adjust the plan.

Please refer to the Project Report Template for specific format and details.

6. Final Term Evaluation


i. Mentors will review the student's project achievements based on the following aspects and provide their evaluation comments in the system. The mentor's comments will be displayed on the official website along with the list of project completions:

  • The project needs to be submitted to the open-source community repository in the form of PR/MR and merged.
  • All PR/MR must be completed by the student within the specified time. The git email used by the student for submissions in the community repository must match the email used during registration.
  • Evaluate whether the project output meets the goals and requirements of the project.
  • List the contributions made to the community.
  • Evaluate the running status of project outputs.
  • Evaluate the completeness of the project-related documents.
  • For R & D projects, whether the report provides the corresponding test verification results.
  • Other aspects that the community and mentor believe need to be evaluated.

ii. The committee will form an evaluation team to assess the project outcomes, considering the mentor's comments, and provide the final evaluation conclusion (pass or fail).


  • The evaluation result and the mentor's comments will be published on the official website.
  • Students who pass the final term evaluation will receive a bonus and a certificate of completion. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the selection of outstanding students.

7. Annual Outstanding Student Selection

Based on the student's completion status, the community and mentors will recommend candidates for the annual outstanding students of the OSPP, and the committee will conduct a secondary review and confirm the final list of outstanding students.

(4)Other Questions

1. Can students who are already members of the community apply for community projects?

Yes, they can apply. However, applicants cannot participate in the program as a mentor.

2. When do students start project development? Can they start early?

After the committee officially announces the accepted students, they can begin project development.

The results are finalized only after matching the rankings of students and mentors and being approved by the community and committee. Before the announcement, the project selection is not confirmed. Mentors are not allowed to pre-select students, make unofficial promises, or ask students to start development work in advance. Any development or PR/MR submissions made before the announcement will not meet the project evaluation timeline requirements and will not be recognized.

Before the announcement, students should focus on improving their project proposals and plans. Planning and designing projects are essential for this program and future projects in which students may participate in their careers.

3. What programming language should students use to develop their projects?

Students should choose a programming language based on the requirements of the community project, generally aligning with the programming language used by the community.

5. Student Bonus

(1)What is the amount of the project bonus?

The project difficulty is divided into two levels: Basic level and Advanced level, and the corresponding project bonus is pre-tax CNY 8000 and pre-tax CNY 12000.

(2)When will the student bonus be disbursed?

Students who pass the final-term evaluation will receive their bonus. Accordingly, the student will not receive it if they fail the final evaluation.

(3)How will the bonus be disbursed to international students?

i. Currently, the committee can only make foreign exchange payments through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) system. The bonus will be settled in US dollars based on the real-time exchange rate on the remittance day. If the personal bank account provided by the international student is disabled in the SWIFT system, they cannot receive the project bonus.

ii. According to the requirements of the Taxation Administration, a scanned copy of the international student's passport is required to disburse the bonus.

iii. The student bonus will be disbursed via bank transfer. There is no restriction on which bank, but the account must be in the student's name. Students who pass the final evaluation should fill in the following bank account information in the system for transfer and review by the State Taxation Administration of The People's Republic of China:

  • Payee's Full Name
  • Gender
  • Passport Number
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone Number
  • Payee's Address
  • Payee's Bank Name and Address
  • Payee's Bank Account
  • Swift Code
  • Scan copy of Passport

Note: The above information is required according to the current international settlement policy requirements. The committee will take reasonable measures to protect private data, personal identity information, and other sensitive information.*

iv. The tax payment or tax payment certificate, including the amount of this payment, is applicable to the situation where Chinese and foreign personnel obtain income in China according to the tax terms, and individual income taxes are withheld and paid by the committee on their behalf. The calculation method is as follows (in CNY):

  • Not exceeding 3,000 yuan, tax rate of 3%, tax amount (bonus 80% * 3%)
  • For the portion exceeding 3,000 yuan up to 12,000 yuan, tax rate of 10%, tax amount (bonus 80% * 10% - 210)

Note: If the Payee's account name or country is on the restricted list of FATF, the United Nations, the Ministry of Public Security, or other external agencies, the Payee will be responsible for the consequences of not being able to receive money.