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Mentor Guide

  • Mentors cannot participate in this program as student developers at the same time.
  • During the program, if mentors need to change their account information, project description or replace a mentor, please have the community liaisons submit an application to the organizing committee.
  • After the student's project is completed, the mentor needs to download, sign, and upload the signed electronic scan of the Mentor Participation Agreement and fill in the bank card information in the OSPP system.

1. Participation Processes

No. Date Issue Remarks
1 03/06-03/30
Community Application and Review The community can sign up and fill in community information in OSPP system.
Approved communities will be posted on the official website.
Deadline: 03/30 18:00 UTC+8
2 03/31 Community Announced
3 04/01-04/03 Committee Confirms Supported Project Quantity and Notifies Community
4 04/04-04/26 Project Release Deadline: 04/26 18:00 UTC+8
5 04/26-04/28 Committee Review Approved projects will be posted on the official website.
6 04/29 Project Announced
7 04/29-06/04 Student Registration, Communication and Project Application Submission Deadline for student registration: 06/03 15:00 UTC+8.
Deadline for project application: 06/04 18:00 UTC+8.
8 06/05-06/25 Project Application Review 06/05-06/11 Mentor Review
06/12-06/18 Community Review and Submit Community Cooperation Agreement
06/19-06/25 Committee Review and Sign Community Cooperation Agreement
*The quality of the project application is the main criterion for evaluating whether the student's application is approved.
9 06/26 Accepted Student Projects Announced Students can check the application results on the official website and management system.
10 06/26-06/30 Community Bonding The accepted students can further communicate with the community and mentor about the project and warm up for project development.
11 07/01-09/30 Coding and Development Deadline for project report and PR/MR links submission:09/30 24:00 UTC+8
12 10/01-10/31 Evaluations – Mentor Final Term Review and PR/MR Merge In the meantime, student developers can still refine their PR/MR until they are merged.
13 11/01-11/08 Evaluations – Committee Final Term Review
14 11/09 Results Announced Students can view the final results on the official website and management system and then fill in the bank information in the management system.
15 November Outstanding Students Selection Recommended by mentors and communities.

2. How to Become a Mentor

  • The community recommends a mentor for each project and adds their information to the OSPP system.
  • Mentors who already have an account can use their original account to log in.
  • Each mentor can only guide one project.
  • Mentors are not allowed to participate in this program as student developers at the same time.

3. Mentor Participation Process

*All processes should be operated in the OSPP system.

  • Prepare project descriptions and submit them in the system through a community account.
  • Communicate with potential students and guide them in preparing application materials.
  • Project application review. The mentor needs to review and prioritize all received project applications. The quality of the project application is the main criterion for evaluating whether the student's application is approved.
  • Guide students in their project development work.
  • Final project review and fill out mentor comments.
  • Outstanding student recommendation.

4. Mentor Responsibilities

  • Answer project questions raised by students.
  • During the student project application stage, mentors should actively provide directional guidance, share relevant technical materials, and assist students in formulating feasible project plans.
  • Guide students to use communication tools in the community (email, IRC, mailing lists, etc.), community code management platforms, and other tools, and guide students to follow community rules and become a part of the community.
  • Maintain regular communication with students during the project development period, understand the student's development progress, urge students to complete project development according to the plan, and the organizing committee recommends at least one to two communications per week.
  • Consider the student's professional level and age, communicate in a friendly and patient manner, encourage students to work independently and actively.
  • Promote the student's contributions to be accepted by the community.
  • Review the student project application and project report according to the requirements, and fill in mentor comments according to the template on time.

Whether the mentor can assist the student in the development process?

Mentors cannot guide students' development through code, help debug projects, or submit PR/MR on behalf of a student.

5. Review Criteria

Mentors will review the student's project performance in the following aspects and fill in the review comments according to the template in the system:

  • The project needs to be submitted to the open-source community repository in the form of PR/MR and merged.
  • Evaluate whether the project outputs meet the goals and requirements of the project.
  • List the contributions made to the community.
  • Evaluate the running status of project outputs.
  • Evaluate the completeness of project-related documents.
  • For R & D projects, whether the final report provides the corresponding test verification results.
  • Other aspects that the community and mentors believe need to be evaluated.

*The git email submitted by the student in the community repository must be the email used for registration.

6. Mentor Bonus

(1)How much is the mentor bonus?

The mentor bonus is RMB 3000 before tax.

(2)When will the mentor bonus be issued?

All mentor bonuses will be issued after their students pass the project review. If the student fails the review, the bonus will not be issued.

(3)How to pay the mentor bonus?

i. According to the requirements of the Revenue Department, a scanned copy of the mentor's passport is required to pay the bonus.

ii. The mentor bonus shall be settled in US dollars, subject to the real-time exchange rate at the time of bonus payment.

iii. The mentor bonus will be paid by credit transfer method. There is no restriction on which bank, but the account must be under your own name. Also, the organizing committee will collect the following information from the mentor based on the requirements of the State Taxation Administration of The People's Republic of China:

  • Payee's Full Name
  • Gender
  • ID Card Number
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone Number
  • Payee's Address
  • Payee's Bank Name and Address
  • Payee's Bank Account
  • Swiftcode
  • Scancopy of Passport

*Note: The above information is required according to the current international settlement policy. The organizing committee will take reasonable measures to protect private data, personal identity information, and other sensitive information.

iv. The tax payment or tax payment certificate, including the amount of this payment, is applicable to the situation where Chinese and foreign personnel obtain income in China according to the tax terms, and individual income taxes are withheld and paid by the organizing committee on their behalf. The calculation method is as follows (Unit: Yuan):

  • Below 3750 RMB, 3% tax rate (80% * 3%)

*Note: If the Payee's account name or country is on the restricted list of FATF, the United Nations, the Ministry of Public Security, or other external agencies, the payee will be responsible for the consequences of not being able to receive money.

Last update: 2023-07-01