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What is Open Source Promotion Plan

Open Source Promotion Plan is a summer program of Open Source Software Supply Chain Promotion Plan, which is jointly organized by Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences and openEuler community. It aims to encourage college students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community. We will cooperate with major open source communities to provide projects for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and will open enrollment to college students around the world.

Students can choose the projects they are interested in to apply, and obtain the opportunity of the senior maintainer (community mentor) to guide them. According to the difficulty and completion of the project, participants will also receive the bonus and certificate of "Open Source Promotion Plan" .

The website of Summer 2021:

What is different from other Summer of Code activities

Inspired by other Summer of Code activities, this event hopes to further promote the development of open source communities, and the main highlights reflect as follows:

  1. The difficulty range of supporting projects is wider
  2. According to the difficulty of the project, the amount of project funding can be divided into 12000 RMB, and 8000 RMB (Note: the amount of bonus is RMB before tax). Supporting more projects with different difficulty is to meet the different needs of community development, and it is also conducive to more students' participation.
  3. Support more types of open source projects

  4. This program supports the adoption of OSI organization certified open source license In addition to the open source software project, it also supports the adoption of recommended Open Knowledge License Open source knowledge projects, such as technical documents, knowledge documents, etc.

  5. More diverse forms of organization

  6. In addition to encouraging students to contribute to the community, the organizing committee hopes to introduce the concept of open source to the students and help them understand the open source culture and participate in the open source community.

Who are the organizers of the event

This program is organized by Institute of software Chinese Academy of Sciences and openEuler community. This is the third series program. More institutions are welcome to participate.

What are the participants and roles of this program

The main roles of participants are students, communities and mentors.

  • Students: Students are free to choose projects and communicate with mentors on implementation plans in order to write project plans. The selected students will complete the development task as planned and contribute the results to the community under the guidance of the community mentor. The community evaluates student completion and the organizer committee grants the money award to students based on the evaluation results.
  • Community: The community provides a list and description of the project, and arranges for a mentor to communicate the program with the applicant and select one of the applicants to undertake the project. During the three-month development period, the mentor guides the students in developing the corresponding projects.
  • Mentor: For each project, the community assigns a mentor to work with the students to develop appropriate plan and guide the students to complete the task as planned.

What is the bonus for the project

  • The difficulty of each project is divided into normal and advanced two levels, and the corresponding pre tax bonus is 8000 RMB and 12000 RMB. (Note: the amount of bonus is RMB before tax).
  • The difficulty level is determined by the community according to the project task.

Student Eligibility

This program is for the students over 18 years old. Please refer to the student guide for specific conditions.

How to apply for a project

Please refer to for details of student guide. Note: the default time zone 'UTC + 8'

Which communities can sign up for participation

This program is open, as long as the repository in the open source community adopts OSI organization approved open source license or recommended Open Knowledge License, and other open and shared licenses are all supported by this program.

For a list of recommended Open Knowledge License supported by this program, please refer to community guide.

For the open source community focusing on promoting open source, welcome to contact the organizing committee to communicate how to promote this open source program and subsequent cooperation.

How does the community sign up

  1. The community please register the Open Source Promotion Plan Management System, and apply for program and release projects in the system.

Official Contact

  1. Please click to view community guide.

What kind of projects are supported

Open Source Promotion Plan gives priority to supporting development projects, while taking into account all kinds of projects that are conducive to community development, such as translation technical documents and other knowledge-based open-source projects. The total proportion of non development projects supported will not exceed 20%, at the same time, focusing on supporting projects in the field of basic software.

What does the community need to do after signing up for the program

Please refer to the community guide for detailed description of community participation program.

Whether the mentor can assist the student in development process

Mentors can't guide students to develop through code, and can't help students debug projects. Students should complete the project independently. Mentors can guide students to make plans, provide links to relevant recommendation documents, guide students how to participate in the community, and provide directional suggestions for the improvement of the implementation scheme.

How to become a cooperative partner

As long as it supports this open source program, it will help promote this program. Whether it's companies, research institutes, universities or other organizations, we welcome to be our partners to promote this program. We also hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship to promote the development of domestic open source ecology.

For details of cooperative promotion, please check Cooperative Extension.

Must the code of student contribution be PR merged into the mainline

Yes, PR merged into the main line is the most important criteria to determine the project closure.

Where should the final term assessment codes and reports be submitted respectively

  1. During the project development process, students should follow the community requirements and submit the code to the community's designated platform;
  2. By the end of the project development (i.e. by 9/30) , students need to submit PR to the required community project repository and submit their final report to Open Source Promotion Plan Management System;

How does the mentor review whether the student has passed the final-term assessment

  1. The git email that students submit to the community open source repository must be the same email address they use to sign up;
  2. The project needs to be submitted to the community open source repository in the form of PR and have been merged;
  3. In terms of progress, tutors should consider the actual development situation of students and the difficulty of development tasks to determine whether they are in line with the relevant planning of the project plan;
  4. In terms of results, the tutor should confirm that the interim (final) results submitted by the students meet the objectives of the project.

Whether the mentor's review opinions should strictly refer to the template or enrich more content

The mentor is encouraged to provide more abundant content in the evaluation opinions, which will showed in the feedback to the students.

*Note: unless otherwise specified in this help document, the default time zone is 'UTC + 8'

Last update: 2022-11-11